Debating a Muslim


I have a problem with the approach of Hindus when they debate with the Muslims. One should understand that the Muslims claim and the word claim:

  • That their religion is the only true religion
  • Whatever they say is the truth
  • Whoever disagree with them is simply wrong.

If you want to understand it more clearly then here is how it is. They the Muslims take a stand that they have the authority over the truth and whatever is written in the Quran and the Hadith is absolutely true and there can be no argument. There can be an argument on the interpretation but not on the thought itself.

So if you are going to produce a counter argument which can be the truth, they will not accept it no matter how logical you can be. They will consider you as a child at first and will try to shut you up with words, but if you are intelligent enough and stand to your view point they will consider you as a threat to themselves and their religion. They will become aggressive and will use brute force to silence you.

Before even considering to debate a Muslim you should understand that their claim of being the only true religion and that Allah as the only god is an absolute rubbish. Now you can start debating.

If you need an explanation then let me tell you that we Hindu believe that no religion in perfect and reaching the perfection is an endless process which is undoubtingly true in every sense. A religion claiming to be absolute comes automatically under scrutiny. If the religion does not allow any such scrutiny then that religion is an absolute fraud.

How to debate with a Muslim?

Don’t. You can fight a Muslim but cannot debate him. If a Muslim debates then get ready for the war of words.

How to defeat a Muslim in the war of words?

This is the correct question. If you have the Guts to simply say that I don’t believe in your religion and would like to debate on the topic and not on your religion then half the battle is won.

If you want to be polite then you can say that don’t bring your religion into this as you might get offended. If he still start a war of words then he will lose.

People may ask that what if we allow their religion in the debate. Then I will tell you that you are allowing a whole lot of nonsense and fanaticism in the debate and it will be an absolute waste of time. It’s better to do something productive.


3 thoughts on “Debating a Muslim

  1. definitely,they don’t go logical.i saw a video of zakir(Very sorry for that) abduls were clapping and he was totally illogical, bullshit..And 95% praise him i mean how can be so so illogical and stupid nonsense.

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  2. I had this experience with many Muslims. It won’t go logical & it’s an utter waste of time. You rightly said ‘You can fight a Muslim but can’t debate him’ bcoz it becomes Vitanda Vaada’. A typical religious Muslim absolutely believes in his religion & isn’t willing to listen to any argument. Point is: Never debate with Muslim on his religion. Also, avoid getting sucked into such debates unless it’s really necessary or you think he’s a moderate & open-minded.


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