Roll your eyes for India’s sake


It seems that Communism, Socialism, Feminism and Islam have some problem with Patriotism. All of the 4 claim that they are patriots but when it comes to criticize India, they are the first.

It has always been a trend to criticize this country and now seems to have become a right of the people. People of India have always known the importance of a critic and have always listened to it because it has its own benefits. But there is no benefit in criticising the country and no one has the right to do so. One can criticize an individual, a political party, a thought, an institution, a decision, and so on but he does not have the right to criticize a country. Our freedom of speech does not gives us the right to do so. It is our duty to work for the Unity and integrity of this country and when one criticizes a country he is not doing his duty but he does the opposite of it. A person doing so can never be a patriot.
It is important to note that Patriotism is something to do with Love towards your country. It is about loving your country as your Mother/ Father. Do we have the right to criticise of Mother of Father? We can of Corse criticize their decision, their certain habits etc. but defiantly not them. What do we think of a person who criticises his Parents? Certainly not good. If they claim that they are the greatest well-wishers of their parents then what should be our reaction. We will roll our eyes defiantly.
Let’s roll our eyes for the sake of patriotism.


Many Muslim clerics, Communists Feminist, Socialists and Pseudo seculars will call themselves Patriots and admit that they love their country. Everything seems ok to this extent, but if you push them a little bit you will discover that they are hypocrites of the greatest degree. 

On 1/4/2016 Friday Muslim clerics from Dar-ul -ulum Deoband issued a Fatwa according to which saying Bharat Mata Ki jai and Vande Mataram is against Islam. This is due to an environment which was created due to the Kanhaiya Case in JNU in which they shouted anti-India Slogans. This lead to a campaign in which the Supporters of India asked others to say the slogans of Vnade Mataram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai.
Communist Media, Feminists, and Muslims started having troubled with it and they started defending themselves by saying that we do not need any certificates from others to prove their Patriotism.
Muslims Issued a Fatwa and started hiding behind their religion as they always do and Feminists started saying if there are rapes going on in Delhi then there is no point in saying Bharat Mata ki jai.
Here is a classic example how Commies, Femmies, and Muslims are defending there Hypocrisy and applying their strategy of Hiding and Diverting from the issue.
It is a proven fact that these people are not patriots and are the Secessionists of the highest degree who take the noble issues of Human rights, Freedom of speech, and secularism and push their Agenda of Breaking India.
Just as we have learnt to live with the terrorism we have to live with this reality as well. But always remember the true nature of these snakes and be aware of them.
Next time anyone of them says that they are Patriots and do not need a certificate from anyone, Roll your eyes friends.
Roll your eyes for India’s sake.