The Lost Bihar

Lost Bihari

This defeat in the Bihar elections is a big setback for Hindus of India. This shows that Hindus have lost their moral values and do not give a shit about the Dharma of Hinduism. This proves that majority of Biharis have rejected the Hindu Ideology completely and do not care a damn about Dharma. They have voted their Cast instead of Casting their Votes.

If that is the case then the majority of Biharies have said yes to

  • Dar ul Islam.
  • Cow Slaughtering.
  • Terrorism
  • Oppression.

It was a post independence trend to hide their cowardice behind Non Violence. Now the fasion has changed and people have started hiding their Cowardice behind their Practicality and Wisdom.

This is a trend which was prominent in Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh Kashmir and now seen in the West Bengal. Hindus of such countries were never able to take a stand against oppression and now they are running away to India for refuge.

I want to remind you that this is the last country in the world in which Hindus will find refuge and after this country Hindus will go to hell as written in the Holy books of Islam and Christianity.

It is becoming clear to me on the daily basis that being nice, secular, Non violent and civilized is the key to hell and people practicing these will get the desired result as they got in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir and West Bengal.

For the voters who have voted for the BJP gave a good resistance against Dar ul Islam, Cow Slaughter, Terrorism and Oppression. We are Proud of them and will never forget their contribution towards Hinduism. But if other Hindus have decided to go otherwise then nothing can be done about that.

But his defeat will not conceal our fait and we will fight this Islamization more lethally than ever.

Our Dharma deserves Mutual respect from every religion of this world which they have denied us and have continued to insult our Dharma.

Indians talks of religious intolerance. I ask them why 11 Hindus in Kuwait got arrested for organizing Satya Narayan Katha. Is it not religious intolerance, if yes then who is taking stand against it. Where are my Pseudo Intellectuals, Liberal Hindus and Biharies who support Liberalism.

When the time comes people who love Hinduism will be the only line of defence between the hell and the survival of the Indian Civilization.

Islam has turned Pakistan and Bangladesh into failed Nations and States of Jammu & Kashmir and West Bengal to failed states. Already failed state of Bihar has given the reason of its failure in this election.

Here is the point where we start and stop hoping for support of other Pseudo Hindus. We are on our own and we will fight for our existence.