Eradication of Adharma/ Islam


No religion of Abrahamic faith is capable of eradicating Islam and in the Dharmic faith only the most primitive religion Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism as called by Westerners is capable of doing so.

It is written in Bhavishya Puran that Kaalki Awatar of the lord Vishnu is going to reincarnate which is going to Distroy all the Asuras.

Asuras are followers of the Malichha Dharma and its followers are characterized by the followers who are neither clean from outside nor clean from the inside.

Godess Kaali once cut all the heads of Asuras and drank their blood so that there is no Asura left in this world but Lord Shiva Stopped Kali in doing that and that is the only reason they still exist.

Our Goddess has drank the blood of Asuras which clearly means that we as Hindus do not have any sin if we Drink the blood of Asuras and eat them if we wish to.

People ask me how you would eradicate Islam from India as they are now more their 20 Crores and you cannot just ask them to leave. I suggest them that if we follow our Godess Kaali and become her son Kaalki then we are allowed to eat the Muslims. There are a Thousand Million Hindus in India alone and if we start eating them as Kaalki then they won’t last a week and no one will have a clue of where all the Muslims have gone.

And to fill our Apatite as Kaalkees we have to eat all the Muslims of the world. Since we are only aloud to eat Asuras we cannot eat other Human beings.

Only Muslims are then making our Itinerary.

As per the Indian Astrology there are 3 basic ganas of Hindus as per the time of their birth. Deva gana, Manushya gana and the most ferocious the Rakshasa Gana. Rakshasa are known to eat humans and are present among Hindus. If we have done it in the past we can do it in the future as well.

What is the reason to eat up Muslims??

Here it is:

What if someone’s religion gives permission to rape your mother in front of you? How would you react? What would you do?

We will probably kill such a man who gives such a permission and will try to destroy that religion.

Here is the most disturbing question:

What if someone’s religion permits to slaughter and eat our mother?

My answer is that I will eat him up and eat each and every follower of that religion.

Getting my point?

I am talking about beef eating.

You think its funny isn’t it. Wait for sometime, It is going to start soon.


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