End of tolerance

Hindus Killed a Muslim in Dadri UP on the consumption of Beef.

Communist leader Vrinda Karat said: BJP and RSS are equally responsible for this incidence

Muslim Leader Owaisi said: PM Modi should pay condolences on the matter and no one has the right to destroy anybodies home and Murder someone. He added that this was not an outrage but a well planned Murder.


It is important to note that the Grandmother of the Victim in the Hospital has clearly said that his life is in danger as the hospital in which he is admitted belongs to a BJP leader. Now she is extremely confident that it was done by BJP. Question arises who convinced her about this.

Everyone of the leaders know that Cow is a Holy animal for Hindus and they respect her as their own mother but still the consumption of beef in India though Banned but was never stopped.

The main consumption of beef is done by Muslims and Christians in India and they do not stop in spite of the ban from the Indian government.

The minority can simply stop eating beef and respect the feelings of Hindus but they take it as suppression by the majority and find it against their religious faith.

How is killing and eating an animal is related to religious faith?

Religion against religion it seems but it is not. This is what happens when someone stops tolerating and start acting. As the BJP leader said “If you will eat the beef and hurt the Hindu feelings this is what is going to happen. You will be surprised to know that in the village no such violent incident has happened in the past 70 years as per the mother of the victim. This makes it clear that Hindus have started acting and have stopped tolerating.

You will be shocked to see the photo below in which a man is holding a slaughtered cow’s head and smiling


This picture was Viral on Facebook and had a very sharp reaction. In recent time inspite of the ban over beef in Jammu and Kashmir and other states Muslims have clearly said that they will not stop eating beef. This has made things worse in India. Hindus are very angry and though their peaceful past and the repo of not reacting violently has now started to make them feel ashamed of. They now think that in their own country and as a majority they cannot even protect their religious belief while Muslims and Christians being in minority still enjoy the full religious freedom.

It is important to note that in previous days Hindus were treated badly in Varanasi, Ranchi and other places during their religious processions and some of them were even dead but no media coverage was done and it was taken as no big deal by Indian media. But due to the availability of internet  Indians are not unaware of the facts and they know each and every bit of it.

Follow the link for the information.


The words from the BJP Leaders was absolutely clear and straight from the heart. If you will hurt the Hindu emotions this is what is going to happen.

It is very important to note that no one cared to know if the Muslim family has really ate the beef and not some other stuff. The biggest question is what made the Hindus of the village feel so sure that it was beef which was consumed and not any other form of meat. The answer is the pictures which I have shown you. Stop hurting our feelings please.

I the meanwhile a BJP leader said that Hindus will protect the family and requested the family to stay in the village. He met the family members and said the culprits will be punished appropriately.


BJP leader has added that people like Owaisi are responsible for the riots by giving controversial statement like this incidence was preplanned.

One thing is also notable here, the money used for the hospitalization and treatment of the victim was given by Hindus and the police of that area.