End of Indian Secularism


India embarked on a Journey to attain full secularism the day she got the freedom. After 68 years of independence, where do we stand?

To ignite this fire of secularism our leaders Mahatma Gandhi, Pundit Nehru and many more made plenty of efforts. Some of those efforts lead to the suppression of the majority Hindus in many ways.

With these efforts and the full support of Hindus ignoring their suppression the journey to attain secularism in India began.

Everyone in the beginning was full of excitement to embark on this noble journey.

The Partition of India was done on the basis of religion under which Pakistan was given to Muslims and India was given to the Hindus. Our leaders instead chose not to baptize the country as a Hindu Nation but as a Secular Nation in which all the people of different caste and religion will live happily in complete harmony. Complete harmony between different religions is a Hindu concept of Sarva Dharma Sambhava which was successfully implemented by Hindus for centuries in the past and Religions like Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism existed in harmony. But this time when India persuaded this concept it was a complete disaster.

Today’s Indian Politics revolve around the Caste, Religion, and many other factors which are an absolute poison to secularism. Be it regional parties like MIM or the National Party like BJP. This made our Journey next to impossible.

Many regional parties in the Multi Party Politics of India used cast and religion as a successful weapon to form a government.  Later these regional parties became so powerful that they had the Power to influence the government in a larger fashion. They were a very powerful component of the coalition governments in India.

This lead to the further divide in the nation and the poor performance of the coalition government frustrated the people of India.

The Performance Bar of these governments was to complete 5 years of governance rather than solving basic political issues outside and inside the country.

This was disastrous.

One of the most important issue which was neglected entirely by these governments was the issue of maintaining the secular state in the country.

Due to this negligence today secularism has become extinct.

Now there is religion caste and everything except secularism.

What happens when secularism dies in India?

India becomes a Hindu Nation which its leaders and the Hindus of this country did not persuade at all.

Dear fellow Indians Welcome to a Hindu Nation.

The more you oppose it the more it becomes real. Live with the monster you have created.