Wrong picture of India

Foreigners always had a wrong picture of India.
Following are the pictures which they take and justify their views that India uses child labor which is banned in India.
Come look at them.


This boy looks 9 to 10 years old and he is operating a sewing machine.
This boy has to be a genius.
This picture is taken from a blog where India is accused to use child labor.
And this boy is not even working on this machine. It looks someone has asked him to sit down and give a pose.


This girl looks 3 to 4 years old and looks as she is working.
But there seems no construction site.
I think someone has asked her to give a pose.


This boy looks more than 14 years old.


This boy is carrying wood for his home to keep his home warm.
Is there anything wrong to help their family.
Is helping their families considered as child labor?


This boy looks an entrepreneur rather than a labor.
If he is a labor then where is his master.

West cannot take this fact that India has emerged as a global power and they use false propaganda to make us look down.
This is the only thing which justifies above pictures.


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