Roll your eyes for India’s sake


It seems that Communism, Socialism, Feminism and Islam have some problem with Patriotism. All of the 4 claim that they are patriots but when it comes to criticize India, they are the first.

It has always been a trend to criticize this country and now seems to have become a right of the people. People of India have always known the importance of a critic and have always listened to it because it has its own benefits. But there is no benefit in criticising the country and no one has the right to do so. One can criticize an individual, a political party, a thought, an institution, a decision, and so on but he does not have the right to criticize a country. Our freedom of speech does not gives us the right to do so. It is our duty to work for the Unity and integrity of this country and when one criticizes a country he is not doing his duty but he does the opposite of it. A person doing so can never be a patriot.
It is important to note that Patriotism is something to do with Love towards your country. It is about loving your country as your Mother/ Father. Do we have the right to criticise of Mother of Father? We can of Corse criticize their decision, their certain habits etc. but defiantly not them. What do we think of a person who criticises his Parents? Certainly not good. If they claim that they are the greatest well-wishers of their parents then what should be our reaction. We will roll our eyes defiantly.
Let’s roll our eyes for the sake of patriotism.


Many Muslim clerics, Communists Feminist, Socialists and Pseudo seculars will call themselves Patriots and admit that they love their country. Everything seems ok to this extent, but if you push them a little bit you will discover that they are hypocrites of the greatest degree. 

On 1/4/2016 Friday Muslim clerics from Dar-ul -ulum Deoband issued a Fatwa according to which saying Bharat Mata Ki jai and Vande Mataram is against Islam. This is due to an environment which was created due to the Kanhaiya Case in JNU in which they shouted anti-India Slogans. This lead to a campaign in which the Supporters of India asked others to say the slogans of Vnade Mataram and Bharat Mata Ki Jai.
Communist Media, Feminists, and Muslims started having troubled with it and they started defending themselves by saying that we do not need any certificates from others to prove their Patriotism.
Muslims Issued a Fatwa and started hiding behind their religion as they always do and Feminists started saying if there are rapes going on in Delhi then there is no point in saying Bharat Mata ki jai.
Here is a classic example how Commies, Femmies, and Muslims are defending there Hypocrisy and applying their strategy of Hiding and Diverting from the issue.
It is a proven fact that these people are not patriots and are the Secessionists of the highest degree who take the noble issues of Human rights, Freedom of speech, and secularism and push their Agenda of Breaking India.
Just as we have learnt to live with the terrorism we have to live with this reality as well. But always remember the true nature of these snakes and be aware of them.
Next time anyone of them says that they are Patriots and do not need a certificate from anyone, Roll your eyes friends.
Roll your eyes for India’s sake.

The Lost Bihar

Lost Bihari

This defeat in the Bihar elections is a big setback for Hindus of India. This shows that Hindus have lost their moral values and do not give a shit about the Dharma of Hinduism. This proves that majority of Biharis have rejected the Hindu Ideology completely and do not care a damn about Dharma. They have voted their Cast instead of Casting their Votes.

If that is the case then the majority of Biharies have said yes to

  • Dar ul Islam.
  • Cow Slaughtering.
  • Terrorism
  • Oppression.

It was a post independence trend to hide their cowardice behind Non Violence. Now the fasion has changed and people have started hiding their Cowardice behind their Practicality and Wisdom.

This is a trend which was prominent in Hindus of Pakistan, Bangladesh Kashmir and now seen in the West Bengal. Hindus of such countries were never able to take a stand against oppression and now they are running away to India for refuge.

I want to remind you that this is the last country in the world in which Hindus will find refuge and after this country Hindus will go to hell as written in the Holy books of Islam and Christianity.

It is becoming clear to me on the daily basis that being nice, secular, Non violent and civilized is the key to hell and people practicing these will get the desired result as they got in Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kashmir and West Bengal.

For the voters who have voted for the BJP gave a good resistance against Dar ul Islam, Cow Slaughter, Terrorism and Oppression. We are Proud of them and will never forget their contribution towards Hinduism. But if other Hindus have decided to go otherwise then nothing can be done about that.

But his defeat will not conceal our fait and we will fight this Islamization more lethally than ever.

Our Dharma deserves Mutual respect from every religion of this world which they have denied us and have continued to insult our Dharma.

Indians talks of religious intolerance. I ask them why 11 Hindus in Kuwait got arrested for organizing Satya Narayan Katha. Is it not religious intolerance, if yes then who is taking stand against it. Where are my Pseudo Intellectuals, Liberal Hindus and Biharies who support Liberalism.

When the time comes people who love Hinduism will be the only line of defence between the hell and the survival of the Indian Civilization.

Islam has turned Pakistan and Bangladesh into failed Nations and States of Jammu & Kashmir and West Bengal to failed states. Already failed state of Bihar has given the reason of its failure in this election.

Here is the point where we start and stop hoping for support of other Pseudo Hindus. We are on our own and we will fight for our existence.

Eradication of Adharma/ Islam


No religion of Abrahamic faith is capable of eradicating Islam and in the Dharmic faith only the most primitive religion Sanatan Dharma or Hinduism as called by Westerners is capable of doing so.

It is written in Bhavishya Puran that Kaalki Awatar of the lord Vishnu is going to reincarnate which is going to Distroy all the Asuras.

Asuras are followers of the Malichha Dharma and its followers are characterized by the followers who are neither clean from outside nor clean from the inside.

Godess Kaali once cut all the heads of Asuras and drank their blood so that there is no Asura left in this world but Lord Shiva Stopped Kali in doing that and that is the only reason they still exist.

Our Goddess has drank the blood of Asuras which clearly means that we as Hindus do not have any sin if we Drink the blood of Asuras and eat them if we wish to.

People ask me how you would eradicate Islam from India as they are now more their 20 Crores and you cannot just ask them to leave. I suggest them that if we follow our Godess Kaali and become her son Kaalki then we are allowed to eat the Muslims. There are a Thousand Million Hindus in India alone and if we start eating them as Kaalki then they won’t last a week and no one will have a clue of where all the Muslims have gone.

And to fill our Apatite as Kaalkees we have to eat all the Muslims of the world. Since we are only aloud to eat Asuras we cannot eat other Human beings.

Only Muslims are then making our Itinerary.

As per the Indian Astrology there are 3 basic ganas of Hindus as per the time of their birth. Deva gana, Manushya gana and the most ferocious the Rakshasa Gana. Rakshasa are known to eat humans and are present among Hindus. If we have done it in the past we can do it in the future as well.

What is the reason to eat up Muslims??

Here it is:

What if someone’s religion gives permission to rape your mother in front of you? How would you react? What would you do?

We will probably kill such a man who gives such a permission and will try to destroy that religion.

Here is the most disturbing question:

What if someone’s religion permits to slaughter and eat our mother?

My answer is that I will eat him up and eat each and every follower of that religion.

Getting my point?

I am talking about beef eating.

You think its funny isn’t it. Wait for sometime, It is going to start soon.

End of tolerance

Hindus Killed a Muslim in Dadri UP on the consumption of Beef.

Communist leader Vrinda Karat said: BJP and RSS are equally responsible for this incidence

Muslim Leader Owaisi said: PM Modi should pay condolences on the matter and no one has the right to destroy anybodies home and Murder someone. He added that this was not an outrage but a well planned Murder.

It is important to note that the Grandmother of the Victim in the Hospital has clearly said that his life is in danger as the hospital in which he is admitted belongs to a BJP leader. Now she is extremely confident that it was done by BJP. Question arises who convinced her about this.

Everyone of the leaders know that Cow is a Holy animal for Hindus and they respect her as their own mother but still the consumption of beef in India though Banned but was never stopped.

The main consumption of beef is done by Muslims and Christians in India and they do not stop in spite of the ban from the Indian government.

The minority can simply stop eating beef and respect the feelings of Hindus but they take it as suppression by the majority and find it against their religious faith.

How is killing and eating an animal is related to religious faith?

Religion against religion it seems but it is not. This is what happens when someone stops tolerating and start acting. As the BJP leader said “If you will eat the beef and hurt the Hindu feelings this is what is going to happen. You will be surprised to know that in the village no such violent incident has happened in the past 70 years as per the mother of the victim. This makes it clear that Hindus have started acting and have stopped tolerating.

You will be shocked to see the photo below in which a man is holding a slaughtered cow’s head and smiling


This picture was Viral on Facebook and had a very sharp reaction. In recent time inspite of the ban over beef in Jammu and Kashmir and other states Muslims have clearly said that they will not stop eating beef. This has made things worse in India. Hindus are very angry and though their peaceful past and the repo of not reacting violently has now started to make them feel ashamed of. They now think that in their own country and as a majority they cannot even protect their religious belief while Muslims and Christians being in minority still enjoy the full religious freedom.

It is important to note that in previous days Hindus were treated badly in Varanasi, Ranchi and other places during their religious processions and some of them were even dead but no media coverage was done and it was taken as no big deal by Indian media. But due to the availability of internet  Indians are not unaware of the facts and they know each and every bit of it.

Follow the link for the information.

The words from the BJP Leaders was absolutely clear and straight from the heart. If you will hurt the Hindu emotions this is what is going to happen.

It is very important to note that no one cared to know if the Muslim family has really ate the beef and not some other stuff. The biggest question is what made the Hindus of the village feel so sure that it was beef which was consumed and not any other form of meat. The answer is the pictures which I have shown you. Stop hurting our feelings please.

I the meanwhile a BJP leader said that Hindus will protect the family and requested the family to stay in the village. He met the family members and said the culprits will be punished appropriately.

BJP leader has added that people like Owaisi are responsible for the riots by giving controversial statement like this incidence was preplanned.

One thing is also notable here, the money used for the hospitalization and treatment of the victim was given by Hindus and the police of that area.

Indian Dhimmitude


Characters of an Indian Dhimmi possessing Dhimmitude.

  • You will never say that profit Muhammad Raped a 9 year old girl but you will Criticize Asha Ram Bapu for rape.
  • Islam is a religion of Peace will be supported by you.
  • If a Muslim leader says anything about Hinduism and makes a fun of it you will not say a word but will definitely criticise the man who speaks against it.
  • If in Pakistan and Bangladesh the Hindus are massacred then you will never say that it is the work of Islamic terrorism.
  • If there is a terrorist attack on Indian Parliament or Public places such as Mumbai Central Railway Station you will say that it was supported by Pakistan but you will never say that it was an Islamic terrorism.
  • If there is a terrorist attack any place and a Muslim Terrorist kills many Hindus you will go on saying that terrorism has no face and Hindu and Muslims both were killed in the blast.
  • You will never take account of the Hindu Temples which were destroyed by Muslims but will always quote Babery Masjid Demolition.
  • You will never see 15 Children of Muslims but you will always complain the Population Explosion taking place in India.
  • You will say holy cow every now and then but you will never consider a cow as holy.
  • You will always quote Godhara Riots but always forget to quote the cause of it.
  • You will always appreciate Muslims and their Worshipping but you will feel your way of worshipping as out dated, old and useless.
  • You will always appreciate the unity between Muslims but you will always go against uniting against them.
  • You will always appreciate what is written in Quran but will never believe in Gita.
  • You will always appreciate the following of religion by a Muslim but you will consider your religion out dated and useless.
  • You will not talk about Jehad but you will consider VHP and Bajarang Dal as terrorist outfits.
  • You will always say Owaisi is a true Muslim but never say that that Yogi Adityanath as a true Hindu.
  • If you think that both Owaisi and Yogi are wrong and feel secular about it.
  • If you fooled by Secularism.

If you posses any one character in you and you beleave it is ok then you are a Dhimmi.

Caste System is not the part of Hindu Religion

wpid-wp-1435151466160.jpegCaste System or Jati Vyavastha was never a part of Hindu Religion.

People complaining about the atrocities of Cast system in Hindu religion must know these facts.

* No caste system is permitted in Hindu religion so no one is of a higher or lower cast. There are Parts of Society and Vernas but no cast.

*The first mention of Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya, and Shudra is in Rig Veda Purusha Sukta Hymn 10.90,  Shloka no. 11 and 12.

In 11th Shloka it is written that “when all the Devine Powers imagine a Social Purusha  they asked what would be the mouth of this Purusha? What would be like Arms? What would be the middle part of the body and what would be the foot?

In Shloka 12 it is said that Brahman would be the mouth, Arms would be Kshatriya, middle body is Vaisya and foot would be Shudras.

For Referances:

Nowhere in the Shlokas term” Verna” or “Class” is mentioned. Here what is mentioned are the parts of a society.

In The Geeta” Chapter 4 verse 13 God Krishna himself says that Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya, and Shudra the 4 Vernas are created by him on the basis of the Karma (Deeds) and Guna (Traits or Characteristics).

Even God talks about the Verna and not Jaties (Casts). Varnas are Parts of Society and not the class

One is free to believe what he needs to believe but if he believes that he is from a higher or a lower cast then he certainly is not believing in Hinduism.

Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaisya, and Shudra the 4 Vernas are imagined parts of society not the class of society.

This is a classification on the basis of Characteristics and does not confirm to any hierarchy.



  • What are the drawbacks of Hinduism.

Hindus think that Hinduism is a religion which makes it impossible to understand.

  • Is Hinduism a violent religion?

It is known to have defended itself for many years from Muslims Christians etc and that to ferociously. It is not a religion so it is not a violent religion.

  • Is Jainism a part of Hinduism?

No Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism have their founders so they are religion and Hinduism is not a religion.

  • Why Hinduism appears to be rejected by the western world.

It is rejected because it is considered as a religion which someone follows.

  • Why is cow a revered animal in Hinduism?

Because it gives milk to our children which a mother does.

  • Is Hinduism really a Danger?

Yes, for all the religions it is the biggest danger. And because it teaches you to use your own mind rather than following the book.

  • Why does Indians relay on pseudoscience in order to promote Hinduism?

Ayurveda are Yoga are not pseudo science.

  • Is Hinduism really declining?

What you are observing now is the Declined Hinduism.

  • How has Hinduism stayed alive?

Yes because it is immortal and immortal never die.

  • Is Hinduism a religion?

No it is Dharma and totally different from Religion just as Atheism.

  • Is Hinduism a cult?

No because no cult can survive thousands of years. Islam and Christianity are defiantly Cults.

  • Is the existence of Hinduism threatened?

No but it threatens the concept of religion itself.

  • Is Hinduism based on science?

No Science is based on Hinduism.

  • Do some Hindu think that Hinduism is a scientific religion?

Science is a part of Hinduism and Hinduism is not a religion.

  • Claiming Hinduism better than Islam against the spirit of Hinduism.

No, Comparing Islam and Hinduism is against the spirit of Hinduism.

  • Karma and Re Birth the biggest flaws of Hinduism?

They are concepts which give a lot of answers to questions which a religion cannot give so they are strength rather that flaw.

  • How do you explain Hinduism to audience of Diverse Culture?

Hinduism is itself a Diverse culture with Theism and Atheism being a part of it.

  • What is Hinduism?

It is a Dharma and not a religion.

  • Is Hinduism Misogynistic?

Hinduism has goddesses which are worshipped so defiantly not.

  • Is Hinduism on the Path of Extinction?

In a million years definitely.

  • Is Homosexuality allowed in Hinduism?

Don’t Know. If you need to convert to Hinduism because it supports Homosexuality  then don’t do it. It is not a religion and you won’t get anything out of it.

  • What aspects of Hinduism are wrong?

Tolerate religion and treating them as Dharma.

  • What are Atheist Views on Hinduism?

Atheism is a part of Hinduism and Atheist do not even have the Idea of it.

  • Was Hinduism Democracy?

No it is way better than it.

  • What is the evidence for or against the validity of Hinduism?

The evidence is one for both of them and that is it has been on the earth for more than 10000 years and it will be there for another 10000 years

  • Is caste and Sati system a flaw in Hinduism?

Both are Adharma and not a part of Hinduism.

  • What is the actual word for Hinduism?

Sanatan Dharma

  • What is Brahminical Hinduism.

No such thing called Brahminical Hinduism.

  • Does Hinduism believe in Evolution?


  • Are fake babas doing harm to Hinduism.

No one can harm Hinduism. Not even any religion.

  • What is the proof of reincarnation?

Genetics and Independent Assortment.

  • Explain Hinduism?

Hinduism is about knowing your true Nature and exploring the true nature of the world and Universe.

  • History of Hinduism?

Full of Struggles and Survival.

  • Who Founded Hinduism?

God but not as a religion but as a Dharma

  • What is the future of Hinduism?

Future is Hinduism. Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high.

  • Original name of Hinduism?

Snantan Dharma

  • Why was Hinduism created?

It was not created as Dharma can never be created nor be destroyed it can only be understood.

  • Do you understand the basics of Hinduism?

Hinduism is the base of all my answers.

  • Is there an Idea of Satan in Hinduism?

But there are Asuras.

  • Do people convert to Hinduism?

No, they purify to Hinduism.

  • Is Hinduism a religion of combination of many religions?

No, it is not combinations of any religion or religions it is Dharma.

  • How to officially enter Hinduism?

The moment you use your mind and reject religion you are officially entered Hinduism. For the formalities it is a short purification process.

  • Is Hinduism Full of fairy tales?

Yes, and each fairy tale teaches you more than a religion can ever teach you.

  • Main Characteristics of Hinduism?

One main characteristic id that it encourages you to know your true nature and discover the true nature of this world.

  • Hinduism religion or culture.

It is a Dharma nor a religion or a culture

  • Heaven and Hell in Hinduism?


  • Hinduism accepts Atheism?

Atheism is a part of Hinduism.

End of Indian Secularism


India embarked on a Journey to attain full secularism the day she got the freedom. After 68 years of independence, where do we stand?

To ignite this fire of secularism our leaders Mahatma Gandhi, Pundit Nehru and many more made plenty of efforts. Some of those efforts lead to the suppression of the majority Hindus in many ways.

With these efforts and the full support of Hindus ignoring their suppression the journey to attain secularism in India began.

Everyone in the beginning was full of excitement to embark on this noble journey.

The Partition of India was done on the basis of religion under which Pakistan was given to Muslims and India was given to the Hindus. Our leaders instead chose not to baptize the country as a Hindu Nation but as a Secular Nation in which all the people of different caste and religion will live happily in complete harmony. Complete harmony between different religions is a Hindu concept of Sarva Dharma Sambhava which was successfully implemented by Hindus for centuries in the past and Religions like Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism existed in harmony. But this time when India persuaded this concept it was a complete disaster.

Today’s Indian Politics revolve around the Caste, Religion, and many other factors which are an absolute poison to secularism. Be it regional parties like MIM or the National Party like BJP. This made our Journey next to impossible.

Many regional parties in the Multi Party Politics of India used cast and religion as a successful weapon to form a government.  Later these regional parties became so powerful that they had the Power to influence the government in a larger fashion. They were a very powerful component of the coalition governments in India.

This lead to the further divide in the nation and the poor performance of the coalition government frustrated the people of India.

The Performance Bar of these governments was to complete 5 years of governance rather than solving basic political issues outside and inside the country.

This was disastrous.

One of the most important issue which was neglected entirely by these governments was the issue of maintaining the secular state in the country.

Due to this negligence today secularism has become extinct.

Now there is religion caste and everything except secularism.

What happens when secularism dies in India?

India becomes a Hindu Nation which its leaders and the Hindus of this country did not persuade at all.

Dear fellow Indians Welcome to a Hindu Nation.

The more you oppose it the more it becomes real. Live with the monster you have created.

Wrong picture of India

Foreigners always had a wrong picture of India.
Following are the pictures which they take and justify their views that India uses child labor which is banned in India.
Come look at them.


This boy looks 9 to 10 years old and he is operating a sewing machine.
This boy has to be a genius.
This picture is taken from a blog where India is accused to use child labor.
And this boy is not even working on this machine. It looks someone has asked him to sit down and give a pose.


This girl looks 3 to 4 years old and looks as she is working.
But there seems no construction site.
I think someone has asked her to give a pose.


This boy looks more than 14 years old.


This boy is carrying wood for his home to keep his home warm.
Is there anything wrong to help their family.
Is helping their families considered as child labor?


This boy looks an entrepreneur rather than a labor.
If he is a labor then where is his master.

West cannot take this fact that India has emerged as a global power and they use false propaganda to make us look down.
This is the only thing which justifies above pictures.